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Return to Mon-Ton now offered for sale

The Return to Mon-Ton, the third book in the Mon-Ton story, is now on sale.  This book is currently only being offer at


The frist link is to my Lulu storefront or the second link goes to the dircet buy page.

This is being done to help keep the cost down during these trying times.  The buy links take you to the direct purchase pages.

I hope everyone enjoys the Mon-Ton story.


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The Litarena Short Story Competition


To see some Great Book Reviews


Go to 


Recently a Short Story Competition was held, for Fun.


Click here to see what the contest rules were.


The Litarena Short Story Competition


While the first contest is closed, Patrick has stated that if you want to have a short story scored, post it.  It can not win in this contest, as it is closed however he has said he would score them.  Remember this contest was for fun and while I cannot speak for, I for one foresee the possibility of more contest coming along. 





Click on this link: Litarena Review Competition One to go straight to Short Stories in the The Litarena Short Story Competition, Click on each story.  I am sure you will find something you will enjoy reading.  I found several.





To see all the current scores, I posted my score below, Click direct link below.


Thread For Discussing Litarena Contest One


Then Scroll Down


After the scoring is complete, I believe separate pages will be setup to highlight the winners.


I will add links here when they become available.





The Score Structure
Excellent grammar will be awarded a maximum of 100 points.
Excellent spelling will be awarded a maximum of 100 points.
Evident style, be it literary, satirical, comic, or whatever, will be awarded a maximum of 200 points.
Accepting a challenging topic is worth 200 points.



My Score



Vance Bell, Red Hot Chili Pepper
Category: New Writer
*Challenging Topic: 201/200 points (Self-created challenge topic.)
*Grammar: 89/100 points. He patted his pocket to assure himself, not to insure himself. Waited of his eyes to adjust? Waited for his eyes, surely.
*US Spelling: 100/100 points.
*Style: 180/200 points. I love this story! It has tension, pace. Of course you read it as a clichéd cowboy story, but that's what the author wants you to think. And even with the title as a huge clue, the ending still comes as a real shock. (Well, it did you me, anyway.) I think it's fantastic.
*Total points: 570/600


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Independent Author Interview: Vance Bell

September 30, 7:31 AM Pittsburgh Books Examiner Holly Christine





Independent Author Interview: Vance Bell

September 30, 7:31 AM Pittsburgh-Books-Examiner  Holly Christine


Holly has just posted the online interview.


Check it out here : Pittsburgh-Books-Examiner Interview  

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Press Releases

See Online @


Press Releases



Over 14 Years to Write a Book- "Mon-Ton: The Old Man and His Treasure"

Author Vance Bell released the first book in the Mon-Ton story today after taking only 14 years to put it on paper.

Idabel, OK, September 09, 2009 --( Vance Bell says:

“The story of Mon-ton began its life about 14 years ago. It

started in response to "Tell me a story.” After telling my

granddaughter a condensed version of the story, she decided it

should be a book.”


What makes this book special?


The Mon-Ton story is imaginative and creative in its style. It

has been called a great chapter book, which should be placed

in every “school and public” library. The style allows the reader

to picture the characters in their own minds.

It is a story of adventure and magic. A fantasy book for both

the young and older reader alike, a story greatly enjoyed by

third and fourth graders. It is written in a way to allow a daily

reading while keeping the attention of the younger reader. That

is not to say that it is not enjoyed by older readers, because it is.

Although the story is a fantasy, Mr. Bell took time to insert some facts and details of areas that the readers may recognize.


Vance Bell adds, “No, the next book in the story will not take another 14 yrs. “Mon-Ton: The Quest to Misty Island”

is scheduled to be released within the next couple of weeks. I have also started writing the third book “Mon-Ton: The Return to Mon-Ton” which should be available for release next year.”

Currently the book is available at most major online book retailers,,,, copies of the book can be purchased through links on the author’s website

Vance Bell may also be contacted through this site and welcomes questions or comments.


Contact Information

Vance Bell

580 286-3874

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Mon-Ton... The Old Man and His Treasure on calendar Date: 9/1/2009

Now for sale in Hardback and PaperBack.

Buy this book on Lulu.
Buy this book on Lulu.

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