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Mon-Ton... Book 2

Mon-Ton : The Quest to Misty Island

This is a story of adventure and magic. A fantasy book for both the young and old reader alike. This is the Second book in the Mon-ton Story. Bowdean returned to Mon-Ton with the Old Manís greatest treasure, only to find the quest was not over. It was just beginning... Bowdean, along with Gem must go to the Misty Island, the Old Manís home. Not as simple as that, along the way they are faced with new challenges. Prior to the journey, both must train in the use of magic and fighting. Bowdean learns that everyone holds magic within, but most do not know it or how to use it. Gem must learn to fight and how to control her magic before they start the Quest. The Quest will take them on a new journey into some familiar places, new places, all filled with new challenges and dangers. Along the way, they also meet more mystical creatures, have some fun, and grow in their magical powers.

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