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Book I, II, & III


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Mon-Ton: Book I, II, & III


This book contains the complete Mon-Ton Story.

Book I: The Old Man and His Treasure

Book II: The Quest to Misty Island

Book III: The Return to Mon-Ton

The three books inserted in their original book form to complete this collection in one book.


Excerpts from the Books:

The Troll slowly stood, swinging his club from hand to hand. “What a nuisance.” The Troll said to no one in particular. “I need to finish putting my meat away. Shall we begin?”

Looking out of the corner of his eye, Bowdean saw a blue glow of power building at the tip of Gem’s arrow. He turned his attention to his own power.

“Kin of Haigan. Have you come to return what was stolen? We can sense our eggs.” The screeching voice came from the Griffin on the right.

“We must have won.” The elf said as he closed his eyes again.

The small voice was screaming “Mommy, Daddy you’re home! It wasn’t me that broke the window, really it wasn’t. I missed you!” .


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